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Trident and Dunkin Donuts create TV ads using Vine

Two major brands, Dunkin Donuts and Trident Gum recently made Vine the star when creating and airing a series of new TV ads. 

Dunkin Donuts ran its spot (see left) on ESPN during the network’s Monday Night Football and was billed as the first Vine-based commercial. 

"We think a billboard using Vine is dramatically more engaging than a standard billboard with a corporate logo on it" said Scott Hudler, VP of Global Consumer Engagement at Dunkin’ Brands. The promotion will be supported by Promoted Tweets. 

Trident used vine stars Nicholas Megalis and Rudy Mancuso, in a catchy riff to promote Trident Layers

The Lynx Effect: Helping guys to get the girl, now on Vine.

Lynx have always been about helping guys to get the girl, and now they’re using Vine to help get the message out there too.

This time they’ve used some nice stop motion animation to show, in their own style, how a little hair gel can go a long way. A new addition to the marketing mix for Lynx, and a great way to get their message across in a fresh way. 

I remember not long ago when they immersed themselves within popular culture and celebrated Commander Hadfield’s return to earth. Brands are more and more becoming part of the news and finding their own way to provide a unique perspective on the news. In some cases, these actually become the news. I think we’re going to see a lot more like this as news gets faster…  

Thanks to the guys at TMW for sending this through.

Don’t Make Me Blink: Vine As The Future Of Advertising #ICEEFEST

We were asked recently to speak at the ICEEFest in Bucharest where @kaigani presented


ABSTRACT: Vine has quickly emerged to become the video standard for real-time communication. Growing faster than Instagram, it has captured the imagination of a new breed of grassroots creative talent whose tastes reflect the ‘attention deficit video vernacular’ of younger generations. In his talk, Kai explores the accelerating pace of media, how pocket celebrities are creating and remixing trends at the speed of now, and how the advertising industry can embrace this fast-paced medium to put blips on the radar of potential customers.

If you’d like to see the full version, we’d be happy to present it to you and talk further.

Please get in touch at for more info.

Microsoft create a series on Vine to promote Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft has done a great job here in creating a series of informative but entertaining vines to promote Internet Explorer 10, with some of the jokes actually being directed at themselves.  

It’s amusing to see Microsoft harnessing Vine to create mini ads (while also needing an iPhone to upload them). 

Internet Explorer however is struggling, losing market share and mindshare to both Chrome and Firefox in recent years. It still commands over 50% market share but for how much longer?

Doug Richard asks for your #S4SLaunchMe pitches on Vine

You may recognise Doug Richard from his time on Dragons Den. Since then, he’s gone on to great success with School for Startups, a provider of business training for entrepreneurs.

He’s clearly a great fan and believer in emerging platforms, utilising both Hangouts on Google+ and Vine as platforms for people to pitch their ideas to him on, using #S4SLaunchMe. 

The best pitch will win a £10,000 loan and ongoing mentorship with Doug himself, worth entering for all the budding entrepreneurs out there and you’ve got until 29th May to enter.

“It is vital people can pitch their business ideas as succinctly as possible, so by using Vine, entrants are encouraged to do just that” Doug said.

Great stuff from Doug in embracing Vine, the different camera angles shows his sense of humour and willingness to give things a try!

Wigan’s FA Cup Final winning moments captured on Vine

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is what you need to capture that perfect moment on Vine.

Here we have Mark Gilbert, Head of Editorial Content at The FA capturing the elation amongst all of Wigan FC staff and fans after they dramatically headed home in the 90th minute to lift the FA Cup over the mega rich Manchester City FC

A great use case for Vine from the world of football where you get a real sense of the occasion, the magnitude and the emotion for all involved.

Also a win for Vine over the use of still imagery which wouldn’t have given us this unique perspective.

The Wolverine introduces world’s first movie trailer to Vine

It was almost a year ago to the day back in March 2012 when the wheels were set in motion to build anticipation and awareness around a film release like never before. 20th Century Fox released what was to be the first trailer of a trailer, showing a 23 second preview of Prometheus, one of the blockbuster hits of 2012.

But hey, we’re not complaining when it comes to this ‘tweaser’ as its now being billed for #TheWolverine

Wolverine director James Mangold shared the tweaser with his followers and it quickly went viral. We’ve been tracking over 7000 total mentions of the vine on Twitter and at one point mentions peaked at 50x a minute. Still today, it continues to be mentioned.

Impressively, Vine was the first place you could see this and it works perfectly. This in itself will have put Vine on the map for a lot of marketing/brand execs along with members of the public who all prior to this may not have heard about the nascent platform. 

As the first movie trailer on Vine, it has been universally praised for its innovation and use of the platform. We can’t wait to see what’s next.